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The Modern Real Estate Practice and Realtor

Asset Management and My House

Real Estate, realty, my house…however you refer to it, everyone loves talking about local and personal real estate. However, no one loves the actual selling process when it’s their turn to put up the “For Sale” sign in the yard. As we all know, the world is moving exceedingly fast these days and we have become a society of instant gratification. Why make lunch when a stranger can deliver it to my office? Want to meet someone new? All you have to do is swipe right a few times. With every industry modernizing to fulfill societies endless hunger for instant gratification, why does it seem like your local real estate broker and realtor are not adopting a modern real estate practice for your asset management?

Your Traditional Real Estate Broker and Realtor

When it comes to realty, also known as fixed property or what you may call “my house”, it moves as fast as grandma driving on the autobahn. There is a long step-by-step process that you need to perform before you can list your property on the market, let alone sell it. Let’s start with a short list:

  1. Call multiple realtors to interview them to see who will do the best job for the least amount of commission.
  2. Sign listing agreement with typically 5-6% of the overall sales price going to the real estate broker that the realtor works for to get further divided up and distributed.
  3. Make necessary repairs prior to going on the market (then more later).
  4. Stage your home while also keeping it sparkling clean.
  5. Take photos, video, create marketing content, prelaunch, websites, MLS entry, syndication…the list goes on and on.

You get the point. What you may not realize is the time going into all of this effort which takes weeks. Weeks in which the homeowner will pay additional mortgage payments, taxes, hoa’s, utilities and more. Remember, that’s just to prep the property, you still haven’t got a single buyer through the door. This traditional way of selling a home is still the standard today. If the house is priced wrong or the house next to you just had short sale driving down the price of your home, you could see an additional 6+ months or more of these costs.

Modern Real Estate Practice should put the Owner in control. The For Sale by Owner allows the seller to act like a real estate broker and realtor to their own home!

Even the “For Sale by Owner” route can be tough to get through. This undertaking is usually for the sole purpose of saving commissions, but you are now left having to do the job of both the seller and the realtor. That includes scheduling showings, picking up the house if the seller hasn’t themselves…this happens more often than you think. Stopping everything you are doing at a moment’s notice to accommodate someone else’s schedule because they are flying out of town that evening and this is their only opportunity to see the home. It also just so happens to be their favorite on the list of homes to see yet they made it a minimum priority. Generally speaking, you will never hear from these people again.

At this point you may be asking yourself…

“There has to be a better way to sell my house”

Enter Quick Simple Sale, the Modern Real Estate Practice.

Real Estate Broker Realtor FOr Sale By Owner Asset Management realty my house modern real estate practice

Quick Simple Sale allows the Owner of the property to take asset management into their own hands. The sales process is both quick and simple, hence our super creative name. We already discussed just a few of the reasons why traditional sales are both time consuming and costly. Now lets go over how Quick Simple Sale puts the power back in the hands of the owner and creates a simplified version of the For Sale by Owner.

  1. Call or fill out an online form. Provide information on the property and schedule an appointment for Quick Simple Sale to view the property.
  2. Receive a CASH offer in 24 hours or less and often times during the appointment with an updated and current proof of funds.
  3. Close Escrow! We typically close in 15 days or less but this time frame can be adjusted accordingly for the sellers needs.

From here the decision is 100 percent yours. You can choose to accept, reject or counter the offer as you see fit. If you accept, reject or counter the offer as you see fit. If you accept funds will be wired to your account ONE business day after the close of escrow via a 3rd party escrow service. Want to counter? Go ahead – we just need to make sure the transaction works for both parties involved. Reject the offer – no harm, no foul and you can hire a real estate broker and realtor. It’s that easy.

Is it always a bad idea to work with a realtor?

Short answer…absolutely not. This article is not to deter you from using a realtor, we actually have relationships with real estate brokers all over the country. At this point, it feels like we have a recommended realtor for any area. Some homes require the finesse of a professional and a strategic marketing plan. An easy way to assess this might be based on price point alone. But then again maybe not.

If you say anything over $1,000,000 should have a professional realtor because they are harder to sell, an agent working in Beverly Hills or Manhattan might say otherwise due to the lack of inventory at that price. Each and every home is a case-by-case basis and the sellers need to decide what is right for them. There have been a number of occasions where we tell the homeowner they will be able to net more money on the open market than if we buy it. Just like Quick Simple Sales service won’t work for everyone, not every home will work for Quick Simple Sale. Neither side will know until the appointment is set and the cash offer is presented.

Is this a new trend in Real Estate?

Well, we’re just going to have to wait and find out but if you are curious, why not reach out and see what this process has to offer. If you are going to discuss selling your home with three different realtors, why not make a call to a proven qualified buyer at the same time and compare services? Let’s say at the end of the day you can net the same amount of money for the sale of your home with either option which one would you choose? Remember, one option takes at most 15 days start-to-finish while the other can take months just to get an offer.

You just have to decide what is more important to you. Sticking with trends from the past or taking control of your personal asset management.

To give the modern real estate practice a shot, click the button below to get started and see how easy it really is.




You can also contact us here for a recommendation to a realtor in your area.


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